Urbanomics Planning

Land Use Consulting and Economic Development Advisors

Zoning and Land Use
Urban Planning

Land Use Consulting & Real Estate Development Advisors

Urbanomics Planning is a land use consulting and real estate development advisory firm offering services that combine land use, urban planning and valuation to developers, property owners and businesses. Our analysis, and entitlement projects are designed to optimize sensible urban planning with maximum benefits for our clients and their projects.

For Cities & Public Agencies

Urbanomics Planning provides cities, counties, and regional agencies with land use consulting that includes strategic real estate planning, fiscal impact analysis, and economic development studies.

For Developers & Land Owners

We have expertise with zoning and permitting matters in the City and County of Los Angeles. Urbanomics helps you to determine what can be built on your property and how to make the most of your land use investment. We then processes the entitlements required to realize your goals.