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Land Use Consulting & Real
Estate Development Advisors

Everything you need to bring your project
to fruition.


100% success rate in
land use approvals.

Everything you need to bring your project
to fruition.


Ground-up construction or adaptive reuse, we take care of the feasibility review and land use entitlements that add value to your commercial, residential or institutional real estate project with predictable costs and less risk.

Commercial and residential property owners gain value from our expertise in determining the highest and best use for land, re-entitling property for resale/development or to rectify violations and orders to comply with the City or County.

Not all land use entitlement is for development.  We handle the entire process for conditional use permits, plan approvals and permits that hotels, bars, restaurants require as well as institutional tenants such as churches and schools.

Analysis & Feasibility

Our analysis and feasibility reports are critical to uncover value and avoiding pitfalls early and before significant funds are committed to a project.

Entitlement Processing & Expediting

Land use entitlements can add value before you build. We have the understanding and experience to process more than three dozen types of land use approvals.

Project Representation & Community Relations

Urbanomics is your representative through the land use entitlement process from research to outreach and from Neighborhood Council meetings to each public hearing.

Compliance Resolution

When your property has been cited for a violation by the Building and Safety Department or the Housing Department, land use entitlements may help you keep what you have.

We’ve worked with non-profits and public agencies as well as developers, landowners and businesses.

“Matt was very helpful in providing professional guidance and assistance when it came to getting our distillery entitled and permitted in the City of LA. His thorough knowledge of the municipal code and procedures allowed us to solve a number of critical issues and address some significant challenges. Matt’s responsiveness and professionalism created the foundation for a truly great advisory relationship.”

Ferris Wehbe, President, F and D Properties

“Urbanomics has worked on some of Kosmont’s most demanding projects. Matt is an intelligent problem solver with a comprehensive yet sensitive understanding of the built environment. He builds relationships easily among colleagues and is one of the best writers I have worked with in my 35 year career. In particular, he has the proven ability to organize complex technical and social information, delivering the results in concise and useful reports. I highly recommend Matt’s firm.”

Larry Kosmont, President & CEO, Kosmont Companies

“We brought Matthew a complicated entitlement issue that straddled the difficult worlds of zoning, engineering, building and safety, and a host of other departments. Matthew helped guide us through the entitlement process and provided frequent and timely updates. Thanks to his help, we navigated through all of the thorny issues, and received our entitlements in just a few months. Excellent service, and the desired result—what more could a client ask for?”

Oliver Baker, Formerly with Skid Row Housing Trust

“Matt is a very driven and intelligent individual and he shows those qualities in his work. We worked together for some time and Matt was willing to burn the midnight oil if necessary to complete an analysis, set of research or consulting report for anyone of our clients. Matt also takes a keen interest in educating himself, becoming involved in a number of real estate and land use industry groups outside of work so that he’s always up on happenings primarily in Southern California and Los Angeles but also at the State and National level, also.”

Harpal Sadhal, Senior Director, Development at Irvine Company Office Properties

“I fully endorse Matt and Urbanomics. He has done multiple site studies for me on residential, commercial and multifamily zoned properties. He is the most passionate consultant I have met regarding zoning codes and land use; a true expert.”

Jay Schoenfeldt, Brokerage & Acquisitions, Brick & Mortar Real Estate

“Matt is a very talented land-use consultant who recently helped me win a dispute with a neighbor in the Hollywood Hills. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help evaluating a property or zoning issue.”

Matt Olavi, Partner, Olavi Dunne LLP

“Matthew is a very detailed person who is great at what he does in planning and presentations. I highly recommend Matthew.”

Jon Curtis, City Councilmember, La Cañada Flintridge

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