Urbanomics Planning

Land Use Consulting and Economic Development Advisors


For Private Landowners and Real Estate Developers:

Due Diligence – Zoning, Land Use and Economics

Land Use Analysis (LUA) answers the question,

“What am I allowed to build on my property?”

In addition to uncovering lurking “land mines” to development, the LUA also provides the owner with relevant information on the current political and neighborhood sentiment with regard to various types of development.

Land Use & Project Analysis (LUPA) provides the same information as the basic Land Use Analysis, and also answers the question

“What will it take to get my project approved on this site?”

Highest and Best Use Analysis answers the common question,

“What type of use is best for my site from an economic standpoint under current zoning?”

Urbanomics goes beyond the typical report of this type, analyzing the costs and benefits of various entitlement strategies as well as the political issues and what the community is likely to accept.

Zoning Map Sample

Entitlement Processing & Community Relations:

Urbanomics Planning provides comprehensive entitlement processing services in cities across Southern California. In particular, our land use planners have extensive experience in both the City and County of Los Angeles.

We manage the entire Planning Department approval process for the client – from meeting with public officials, forming entitlement strategies, and preparing and filing detailed application packages to carefully monitoring the case file, representing the client at public hearings, and negotiating conditions of approval as necessary.

Our extensive network of engineers, architects, and consultants allow us to help our clients assemble the most effective project team to ensure the best possible outcome.

Common entitlements we process include but are not limited to:

  • Medical Office Permits (one-stop shop for Doctors)
  • Variances
  • Conditional Use Permits (including CUBs for alcoholic beverage use)
  • Subdivision Approvals (Tract maps, parcel maps, lot splits, lot line adjustments)
  • Adjustments
  • Specific Plan entitlements
  • Modifications to Existing Entitlements
  • Density Bonuses
  • Site Plan Review
  • Zone Changes & General Plan Amendments
  • Development Agreements / Project-oriented Specific Plans

For Public Agencies:

Economic Development & Real Estate Advisory

  • Strategic Real Estate Asset Plans and Site Analysis
  • Economic Development Studies
  • Downtown and Corridor Revitalization Strategies
  • Fiscal Impact Studies


  • General Plan Updates
  • Specific Plans and Special Use Districts
  • Regional Land Use and Economic Plans
  • Land Use Analysis and Reform
Los Angeles Zoning Map